Acerca de Kiran Zacharianh

At Subex, Kiran leads IoT and ICS security initiatives. He has over 17 years of telecom experience in cybersecurity, network analytics, fraud management and mitigation and machine learning. Kiran holds patents focused on security, fraud and Artificial Intelligence. A passionate author and speaker, Kiran champions the cause of cybersecurity in areas such as detection strategies, identity management, securing smart cities, compliance enablement, fraud prevention among other areas through speaking engagements across the globe. He has written extensively on these areas as well. He holds an Engineering degree from Bangalore University and MBA from the University of Denver.

Las ciudades inteligentes en el radar de la minería de criptominedas

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En los últimos meses ha surgido una nueva amenaza para las ciudades inteligentes. Muchos proyectos de ciudades inteligentes están reportando instancias de malware criptográfico que se está descubriendo en sus implementaciones, redes e infraestructura de TI. Incluso la devaluación de Bitcoins en el último año no ha logrado ralentizar esta tendencia, ya que ahora se [...]